Travel is one of the best ways to expand your perspectives and get new insights about different cultures, life, and nature. A picture says more than a thousand words, but at real life experience say it all. So open your eyes and start exploring.

Traveling Beyond – A journey to the hidden world. There are special places, and there are special places. There are also places you only find if you travel beyond the obvoius, slightly off the beaten track. Get inspired by a collections of sights and sceneries only available to the open minded traveler. A journey to the world’s most spectacular places you never heard of.

The World in Passing – Life in the split of a second. People flash you by. Eyes are met. Events unfold. And disappear. You’re in the middle of everything. Or lost in the suburbs. The variety of life becomes eminent when you travel. Enjoy a collections of documentary photos from all around the world. It captures life as it manifests itself to the passing traveler. Always with the people in focus.

The Stans – An odyssey through Central Asia. The former republics of the Soviet Union; Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan, are referred to as “the Stans”. As one of few regions in the world still unexplored, it spans over ancient cultures, remote living nomads, and unparalleled nature. From the Karakum Desert and the Tian Shan to the old Silk Road cities of Khiva, Bukhara, and Samarkand.