7 places for street photography

Street photography is so much more than just walking around with a camera. It’s about ”seeing” a picture when it appears. But also placing yourself in interesting environments. To quote the American photojournalist Weegee: ”Street photography is about ƒ/8 and be there”. So go there.

1 Old Delhi, India. It’s hard to find a country more colourful and energized than India. And the perfect focal point is Old Delhi, the oldest parts of the vibrating capital city. Increase the shutter speed and go face to face with a people who absolutely loves to get their photos taken.

2 Havana, Cuba. It’s like time stood still for the last 70 years. The old cars, the sun bleached facades, the genuine people who welcome you into their lives. So get your gear and start exploring the streets of Havana, where the possibilities for a unique photo seem unlimited.

3 Kathmandu, Nepal. As one of the most chaotic cities in South Asia, you never know what to expect behind the next corner in Kathmandu. Keep your lens wide open and get lost in an inferno of people, tuk-tuks, bicycles, and street vendors.

4 Miami, Florida. Certainty not the most exotic place to travel, but the city has a long history of attracting flamboyant and stylish people. Something that comes in handy for street photography. Head to the South Beach boardwalk or take a walk in Wynwood, the hip art district of the city.

5 Seoul, South Korea. The clash between tradition and modernity in Seoul opens up a lot of interesting photo opportunities. Visit the Gyeongbokgung Palace for a glimpse of local family traditions or portray the street vibe at the Namdaemun food market.

6 Buenos Aires. Known for its laid back attitude, Buenos Aires will surprise you with an electrifying street life. Here, people are strictly busy with eating, drinking, dancing, and all that other stuff that makes life joyful. Head to San Telmo, the old colonial quarters, or participate in the festival like markets around Bolivar street.

7 Mexico City. Go here to perpetuate the soul of Latin America. Rooftop bars, pavement artists, and raw street life – all wrapped up in an art deco atmosphere. Zoom into Centro Histórico, the old town of Mexico City, or go for a complete contrast in the modern and up-scale Polanco District.

Written by Erik Ekberger. Photography: Erik Ekberger

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