We live in a time when we travel more than ever. We fly around the the world for nothing. Lonely Planet. TripAdvisor. Instagram. Everyone to the same places. It’s never been so easy to travel. And yet so hard to find the unique and special.

Travelgrapher.com is the search for something else. Something more exciting. It’s about travelling beyond the explored. Beyond the trivial. The turistified. To be a flaneur rather than a tourist. To break the barriers between where you can and cannot go.

I’m a traveller and photographer. A travelgrapher. I tell visual stories. Stories worth going for. To soak it all up. The people. The cultures. The nature. The things that captivate. That inspire. The stuff you think about long after you’re back home in your bed. So open your eyes and start exploring.

The world is waiting.

My name is Erik Ekberger and I live in Stockholm, Sweden.