The mission? To reinvent the world. is the next generation travel guide. A remedy to mainstream travel and crowded tourist destinations. A photographic journey beyond the obvious. The trivial. The turistified. As a leader, not a follower. A series of resources that will boost travel creativity and inspire you to see new places.

The belief believes in sustainable travel based on localism. A mutual exchange of experiences that will make the world a little bit more understanding.

Who am I

I’m a traveler and photographer. A travelgrapher. I tell visual stories. Stories worth going for. To soak it all up. The people. The cultures. The nature. The things that captivate. That inspire. The stuff you think about long after you’re back home. So open your eyes and start exploring. The world is waiting.

My name is Erik Ekberger and I’m the founder of I live in Stockholm, Sweden.

What people say

I was inspired to see places I didn’t know existed. Travelling can really be a self-developing tool.

Alexandra, 25 guided me to places with less tourists and a much more unique travel experience.

David, 33