The mission?

To reinvent the world of travel.

The story

Travelgrapher.com is the next generation travel guide. A remedy to mainstream travel and crowded tourist destinations. A photographic journey beyond the obvious. The trivial. The turistified. As a leader, not a follower. A series of resources that will boost travel creativity and inspire you to see new places.

The belief

Travelgrapher believes in sustainable travel based on localism. A mutual exchange of experiences that will make the world a little bit more understanding.

Who am I

I’m a traveler and photographer. A travelgrapher. I tell visual stories. Stories worth going for. To soak it all up. The people. The cultures. The nature. The things that captivate. That inspire. The stuff you think about long after you’re back home. So open your eyes and start exploring. The world is waiting.

My name is Erik Ekberger and I live in Stockholm, Sweden.

The resources

Inspire – find new places

Travelgrapher Inspire injects a formula of out of the ordinary destinations, wrapped up in different themes and genres. Less words, more graphics. Indulge the table d’hôte to stimulate your travel creativity and discover new places all around the world.

Journal – travel deeper

Travelgrapher Journal offers in-depth articles that will give you the personal experience, not a black and white sightseeing guide. Abstain from toxic and unhealthy mainstream travel and explore a collection of destinations through point-of-view storytelling. For the romantic adventurer. Trailblazing guaranteed.

Relocate – icons reinvented

Travelgrapher Relocate is the world’s #1 collection of substitutes to crowded travel destinations. Reroute your next planned trip and discover a similar nearby place not yet succumbed to the homogeneity driven by mass tourism. Same experience, less people.

Insights – the director’s cut

What destinations should you be looking for in the 21th century? How do you find the next big thing and can traveling make your life longer? Travelgrapher Insights gives you the director’s cut on how to navigate the world of traveling. Personal reflections and hands-on advise delivered in an essay styled form.

What people say

I was inspired to see places I didn’t even know existed. It became the start of a new journey.

Alexandra, 25

Travelgrapher.com demonstrates that you can still find unique and undiscovered places. All you need is a curious mindset.

David, 33