Welcome to Travelgrapher.com – the next generation travel guide. A remedy to mainstream travel and overcrowded tourist destinstions. A journey beyond the obvious. The trivial. The turistified. As a leader, not a follower. A triplet of resources that will boost travel creativity and inspire you to go and see new places.

DETOX TRAVEL. Abstain from toxic and unhealthy mainstream travel and explore a collection of destinations thought point-of-view storytelling. In-depth articles that will give you the personal experience, not a black and white sightseeing guide. For the romantic adventurer. Trailblazing guaranteed.

INSPIRATION BOOSTERS. Inject a formula of out of the ordinary destinations, wrapped up in different themes and genres. Less words, more graphics. Indulge the table d’hôte to stimulate travel creativity and discover interesting places all around the world.

NEWBORNS (coming soon). Imagine if you could turn back time. If you could visit the world’s most popular tourist destinations as they once were. Small. Local. Unique. Before they got too big. Too crowded. Too exploited. That is Newborns.

My name is Erik Ekberger and I’m the founder and editor of Travelgrapher.com. I live in Stockholm, Sweden.