Travelgrapher – A remedy to mainstream travel


A remedy to mainstream travel is the next generation travel guide. An innovative platform for the curious world traveler. Get inspired by a series of resources, every one with its own perspective. From unique lifestyle experiences to nomadic adventures in the world’s most exotic countries.

Travelgrapher Inspire

Travelgrapher Inspire injects a formula of out of the ordinary destinations, wrapped up in different themes and genres. Less words, more graphics. Indulge the table d’hôte to stimulate travel creativity and discover new places all around the world.

Travelgrapher Journal

Travelgrapher Journal offers in-depth articles that will give you the personal experience, not a black and white sightseeing guide. Abstain from toxic and unhealthy mainstream travel and explore a collection of destinations through point-of-view storytelling. For the romantic adventurer. Trailblazing guaranteed.

Travelgrapher Senses

Travelgrapher Senses is the ultimate travel experience, pushing your sensations to their maximum. With a focus on doing, rather than being, it unfolds the most rewarding activities in the world of travel. From restaurants and wine tasting to desert camping and hiking adventures. The stuff you will remember for the rest of your life.

Travelgrapher Relocate

Travelgrapher Relocate is the world’s #1 collection of alternatives to crowded travel destinations. Reroute your next planned trip and discover a similar nearby place not yet succumbed to the homogeneity driven by mass tourism. Same experience, less people.

Travelgrapher Insights

What destinations should you be looking for in the 21th century? How do you find the next big thing and can traveling make your life longer? Travelgrapher Insights gives you the director’s cut on how to navigate in the world of traveling. Personal reflections and hands-on advise delivered in an essay styled form.

A remedy to mainstream travel is the next generation travel guide. A remedy to mainstream travel and crowded tourist destinations. Discover unique and innovative places through high quality graphics and put yourself on the forefront of finding the “next big thing”.

As a leader, not a follower.