Utopia – Tropical beaches still undiscovered

The value of some places depends on the number of people going there. Tropical islands and beaches are one of them. With an ever growing stream of mass tourism, it’s getting harder and harder to find a beach that is heavenly beautiful, unexploited, and spared from the crowds. But these places have it all.

1 Pamuayan Beach, Palawan. Low hanging palm trees, stretching out over the shallow water. A couple of coconuts in the sand. A local fisherman in a traditional banca boat. The long bay of Pamuayan Beach is as alluring as it is secluded. Situated just north of Port Barton on the Philippine island Palawan, the secluded beach is reached either by a boat or an inland gravel road.

2 Horse Shoe Island, Myanmar. Reminiscent of Maya Bay on Phi Phi Islands, the U-formed beach at the Horse Shoe Island in Myanmar is as good as it gets. A couple of bungalows, built in the white soft sand, surrounded by turquoise water and lime stone rocks. Still unknown to the vast majority, its location in the Mergui Archipelago is one of few regions still untouched in Southeast Asia.

3 Playa Flamenco, Puerto Rico. A strip of sand in a horseshoe-shaped bay, sheltered by hills and lush palm trees. Can you feel the breeze? Hear the ocean swirl? The unique thing with Playa Flamenco on the Culebra island is the total absence of civilization. Not a single hotel or restaurants is built along the beach. It’s just you, the sun, and the occasionally pelican flying over.

4 Lakshadweep, India. Situated just north of the Maldives, the islands of Lakshadweep are surprisingly unknown. Totally unaffected by tourism, the archipelago holds some of the finest beaches in the world. Take a swim in crystal clear lagoons, surrounded by sun-drenched sand banks and thriving corals. With a total of 39 islands, seven islands are available for lodging and three are open for non-Indian residents.

5 Kirinda Beach, Sri Lanka. A couple of sundecks, deserted, as if someone just left in hurry. Shifting colours of blue and brown. An Oruwa fishing boat on the shoreline. The dark sand of the Kirinda Beach in southeastern Sri Lanka is one of those places you didn’t think existed. Until you see it. Surrounded by dense jungle and overseen by a Buddhist temple, the place is as alluring as it is unique.

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