The Maldives vs. The Laccadives

The Maldives may offer crystal clear water, thriving corals, and some of the finest beaches in the world. But it has become a cliché, a stereotyped honeymoon getaway characterized by international food, overpriced hotels, and a local population exploited by its visitors. Luckily, for the true trailblazer, there is an alternative.

Just north of the Maldives is The Laccadives, formerly known as Lakshadweep. The archipelago consist of 36 islands, most of them atolls, surrounded by shallow sand banks and ring formed coral reefs. A place so pure and beautiful, no words are justified. An urban legend, almost with mythical proportions.

The standard at Lakshadweep doesn’t match the Maldives, but the bungalows are beautifully hand-crafted and offers all-inclusive meals served along the beach. An authentic and genuine atmosphere shared side by side with the local population. A tropical surrounding that will create a memory for life.

How do I get there?

Where: Lakshadweep is situated just north of the Maldives, 400 kilometres west of mainland India. Stay at Bangaram, a 45 minute boat journey from the airport on the main island.

How: Direct flights to Agatti on the main island are available from Kochi, India. You will need a special permit to visit Laksahdweep, something that must be arranged in advance, but after your regular Indian VISA has been approved.

When: Transfer between the islands are available by boat from October to April, which is the best season to visit. During the monsoon season, from May to September, transfer is only available by helicopter.

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